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Most Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Tampa

Once upon a time, Tampa wasn’t considered a place ideal for a family. It featured nothing but a couple of theme parks to keep the kids entertained. But boy, has that changed! Now, this vibrant city in Florida has plenty to offer to adults and kids alike, from next-level brewers bound to bring a smile to the parents’ faces to the exceptional music scene and opportunities for outdoor fun.
However, if you are considering moving to Tampa, remember that not all areas are equally suitable for life with kids. You’ll most certainly want to inform yourself of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Tampa before you’ve made a move. And lucky for you, we’ve got you covered!

A theme park ride.
Except for a few theme parks, Tampa used to have no kids-friendly amenities. That, however, has changed in the meantime.

The Best Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Tampa to Settle In

There are plenty of things to think of when planning your move. Primarily, you would need to search for a new home. Then, you would need to handle the packing and the rest of the relocation process. But before anything, you need to figure out which city area you would be moving into. Well, we’ve made it our business to narrow down your search, and our picks of the most suitable Tampa neighborhoods for family life are coming your way.

Palma Ceia

First on our list is none other than Palma Ceia – a community made for raising the little ones. Most people here are homeowners, 75% to be exact, and more than 40% of them have kids. Adding to its fairytale charm are brick streets and 1920s bungalows.

Despite it essentially being a tranquil neighborhood, Palma Ceia has an excellent connection to major roads and other parts of Tampa. It’s also home to Palma Ceia Design District and has plenty of one-of-a-kind boutiques, little shops, and restaurants to offer to residents. Your kids are bound to enjoy Toffee to Go, which is a local dessert joint beloved by families. It’s important to mention that Palma Ceia also has a park to take regular strolls with the kids. For the parents, there are the golf courts and the country club.

New Suburb Beautiful

Although small, New Suburb Beautiful can prove the perfect place to call home! ranks it 2nd on the list of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Tampa! And that’s not without reason. This suburb harbors some of the best-rated middle and high schools in the area, most notably Wilson Middle School, Mitchell Elementary, and Plant High School.

New Suburb Beautiful isn’t called the way it’s called in vain, as it truly is gorgeous. Lining its narrow streets is an abundance of trees that cast an excellent shade in summer, thus making it ideal for taking a walk or a run even during the hottest time of the year. Moreover, it includes Hyde Park, equipped with a softball field on which the youngsters will surely enjoy breaking a sweat.

Hyde Park

And that brings us to Hyde Park, a neighborhood with a vast history, bungalows, and historic homes. Despite its ”historic vibe,” Hyde Park does have a modern side to it, as well. It features no less than six blocks of authentic restaurants, local shops, boutiques, and much more. As it’s relatively close to downtown Tampa, the area is also one that’s being heavily invested in. Multiple family-friendly residential complexes are already built or are currently under construction. That piques the interest of families with kids. Also, around 80% of Hyde Park residents are homeowners. Despite this, plenty of homes and apartments are still available for rent.

An aerial view of the bar.
Your kids are bound to enjoy the desert joint in Palma Ceia. For you, on the other hand, there is a multitude of restaurants and bars to choose from.

Hyde Park is a great neighborhood to move into because it’s home to Hyde Park Village – a shopping district in the open air with various shops and food joints. It’s also close to the University of Tampa, Tampa General Hospital & USF Pediatrics. Those interested in pursuing art will be happy to know that Hyde Park has excellent opportunities for artistic development. The latest addition to the area includes the Hyde House, which consists of event rooms, private offices, and co-working spaces, all packed within an environment resembling a gallery.

West Meadows

A bit on the larger side, West Meadows is still considered one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Tampa. This city area with a dense, suburban feel is even thought of as the number one place to buy a home in Tampa! Therefore, it is no surprise that most people living in it own their own homes. The neighborhood itself is beloved by the families for the highly-rated primary schools it harbors. The highest-rated ones include Clark Elementary School, Turner Elementary School, and Harold Clark Elementary School.

As far as recreational activities go, there’s plenty to do around the area. We cannot but mention the ever-famous clubhouse located precisely in West Meadows. West Meadows Community Club is equipped with various features, making it suitable for virtually anyone – regardless of age. It includes:

  • A swimming pool

  • Two playgrounds

  • Gym

  • Soccer field

  • Baseball field

  • Volleyball court

  • Basketball court

  • Tennis court

  • Dog parks

  • Gazebos

  • Party room

If any of the above manage to convince you that West Meadows could be just the place to begin anew, we recommend you start your hunt for professional cross-country relocation assistance. To settle in here stress-free, you’ll undoubtedly need the help of experienced Florida movers. Take your search to the Internet, as there you’ll be able to find information regarding the quality of service provided by the moving companies, and then some.

A Couple of Last Notes

Now that A+ Moving Solutions has introduced you to the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Tampa, we are confident that you will have an easier time choosing the one to call home. Of course, you’ll need to do additional research yourself to be able to determine which one would best suit your family’s lifestyle. Needless to say, whatever choice you make, we can promise that it won’t be the wrong one, as Tampa, as a whole, is a city with a unique character that not many can match.

A venue in one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Tampa
There are plenty of restaurants, local shops, and interesting venues lining the streets of Hyde Park, one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Tampa.